Friday, March 11, 2011

Operating System comparison

As you have seen in some of my pictures I use Windows 7 home premium as my operating system. I had been hearing about an operating system called linux and I thought it was just one system rather than a whole array of them. The first result on a google search revealed Ubuntu 64-bit OS.
The Installation
 I decided to download that and dual boot it with Windows 7. That process was incredibly easy. Just use the windows installer shown on the downloading page of Ubuntu. Once the 4-5GB download is complete (it took several hours for my 690 kb/s connection speed) you will need to finish installing and restart. Now you will see an option as soon as you start your computer to either use Windows or Ubuntu. You might want to use Windows to transfer necessary things over.
Once you're in Ubuntu
The first thing you should do in Ubuntu is set up your internet connection and set up what internet browsers you want to use. I recommend downloading screenlets, because it works just like Rainmeter. Now download all of the updates for Ubuntu and transfer anything you want from Windows over to Linux. You should also download a program called Wine for running Windows Programs of which there is no linux equivalent. Linux cannot run .exes. Because of this it is incredibly secure and hard to catch a virus on.
How to customize Linux
Use your Ubuntu software center in Applications > Software Center to hunt down any software you want. Some are installed already by default and are designated by a green check in the software menu. You can add your messengers and emails to the options in the top right corner of your screen.

So far it seems that Ubuntu linux is a very user friendly OS and is very secure, reliable, and customizable. It also offers a wider range of tools for coding / scripting. However many programs highly popularized by Windows can be run in Ubuntu due to its incapability to run executables. If the programs is pretty well known Wine, which I mentioned earlier, should be able to solve the problem. The ability to have workstations in Ubuntu is also an a very big plus. It has really helped with my clutter of windows that I experienced in the Windows OS. So my conclusion would be that Linux is pretty much superior to Windows in every way that I could see possible. I would definitely recommend downloading this free OS instead of paying for a Windows upgrade.

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