Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My robot status update

I figured I would go ahead and give a status report on my chatbot program. I have made large advances and changes in the way that it works. Since the code cannot yet function the source code is NOT publically available at this time. Let's run down the first development version with this one.
No class files other than main.
Files were copied, saved, and added with the extra line.
A LOT of file, scanner, and printwriter classes.

Separate class with 1 method and 1 more planned. Think and learn.
New tactics for detecting if input matches.(file.toString.contains(input)
Still many scanners, files, and printwriters.

Before the next update
Think method completion. Next would be learn.
Better handling of category completion booleans.
User-friendly mass editing program for the robot's learning file.