Monday, July 22, 2013

Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding gone live

Today, July 22nd 2013, Canonical announced their new phone, which they are calling the Ubuntu Edge.
Canonical changed their website for the announcement in an attempt to get viewers on their indiegogo page, which has a goal so high that it will double the previously highest crowdfunding goal every achieved; they want 32 million dollars in donations before they will roll the phone out. If Canonical cannot receive this funding, they will not make the Ubuntu Edge, but their phone Operating System (Ubuntu Touch) will still be released for existing compatible phones. Because of the open nature of Ubuntu Touch's development, many Android phones will have the operating system ported to it before and after the release of the finished product.

The Ubuntu Phone features:
  1. 128 GB Storage
  2. 4     GB RAM
  3. Saphire-glass screen / camera, very hard to break and very resistant to scratching.
  4. 2 LTE Antennae
  5. Docking, which allows the phone to run Desktop Ubuntu.
  6. Silicon-Anode battery.
  7. Android Dual-Boot with their "Ubuntu for Android".
  8. Buttonless experience from Ubuntu Touch. Everything is done with gestures.
  9. Full Gnu/Linux system on the phone. Coreutils, terminal emulators, ssh tunnels, programming apps for the phone in Lisp / Haskell / Rust / Whatever the heck you want. It's all there.
  10. Access to Ubuntu ArmV7's repositories for tens of thousands of applications off the bat.

Will they reach their goal of $42 million? Well, roughly an hour after the launch, at the time of me writing this news post, they have reached half a million dollars. If, on the 21st of August, it appears that they will not reach their goal, Shuttleworth could very easily cap off however much they need. Shuttleworth has shelled out $500 million dollars in the past to go to space, and his net worth is currently worth just as much as the trip to space. If IndieGoGo can get Canonical close to the goal, Shuttleworth will likely save the project from oblivion. So will the edge make it? Most definitely so.

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