Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu (13.04)

There is a problem with Ubuntu 13.04 that disallows Google's Chrome web browser from being installed without making a fuss. In short, the problem is that google needs libudev0 (>= version 147), but that package is not available in the repositories.

The Solution
libudev0 may not be in the Ubuntu repositories, but it IS in the parent-distribution (Debian)'s repositories. We can go there and download libudev0, and then install the program.

1) Go to and download the .deb

2) Install the file like you normally would (double click it in Files or use dpkg -i).

3) Download the Google Chrome package from

4) Install the Chrome .deb file however you comfortably do so.

If you messed up beforehand, you will want to run "sudo apt-get install -f" from the Terminal to clean any broken packages that apt tried to get.

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