Friday, February 4, 2011

Must-have software

  1. What is some must have software to have on your computer? Here is the
    run-down of some of the software that I use and how it can be used.

    #1 - Hypercam recorder: Hypercam recorder allows you to record your desktop to show tutorials or to save a video clip. The movie's file size is normally ridiculously large, though.
    Legal: You cannot use this to record copyrighted material.

    #2 - Rainmeter: This is a program that allows the display of meters and measures. Measures take information that you tell it to and display it in meters, visual data displaying meters on your desktop. Skins are .ini files that tell rainmeter what to do and Configs are groups of skins. You can download new configs from sites such as under the rainmeter section. This is mostly good at making your desktop visually appealing.

    #3 Some type of messanger : Stay in touch with people you know in real life or those you met in cyberspace. You can finally be social while not revealing any information you do not want to. The four messangers listed above are widely used and can allow you to keep in contact with other people. Most also have a file sharing feature for easy and quick file transfer or sharing.

    #4 - Cybergate: There is no download link available for this program right now. Be very careful trying to download it, too. People often try to infect you with a virus when downloading this. The tough things is that Antivirus programs detect this as a virus when you download it. Ignore the warnings. Cybergate is a RAT server creater. You can have somebody download your server and then you have nearly complete access of their computer if you use it right. It is illegal to do this so I do not recommend or encourage such behavior. This can be useful if you are new to the world of hacking (Once again, illegal) or if you just want to have better controls over your children online. You can also test somebody's intelligence by sending them this and seeing if they download it. You can send an error message showing their mistakes and where to do better next time.

    #5 - Microsoft Security Essentials: Crucial for remaining safe online. This is a virus / malaware / spyware / bad thing / detector. It is one of the highest rated free antivirus and I feel that it does better than a lot of non-free services. There are updates often and free full, quick, or custom scans with accurate results.

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