Home-brewed programs.

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As a part of my ongoing journey for further knowledge about technology I applied to a college course in Java programming. I was let in, and free of charge as well. That is where I first learned to program, and some of these applications were created for that course, but since then I have done individual research in order to make these programs.

This is a section where I upload my .jar's and classes for all to use. I give permission for re-distribution, editing, or addition to any programs in this list. I've long been a supporter in Open-source software (it's why I chose to switch to Linux) and now I finally have a way of giving a tiny bit back.

The List
Programs similar to or equal to these may already exist. I am a beginner, so I am following in the footsteps of great programmers. Me and my clipboard wrote every word of these  programs and no ideas were reverse engineered from other software.

Mathematical Utilities(1) - A Java class that provides a few new methods for working with algebra, data handling, and geometry. Adding a readme or the license would have been redundant for a source file, but anyone is free to edit or use this.

Keyboard Emulator(1.0) - A graphical keyboard that allows the user the click keys with the mouse to transfer the content in the button into the text field. Has support for symbols and capital letters. Source code and license included.

Combat Engine(2.0 - Garrison)- Simulates a battle between two warriors which you define the names and combat related statistics of. At the end, it will declare a winner. Includes a GUI. Source code and license included.
Version 1.2 July 25th, 2011
*Fixed a critical error with the chance variable.
*fixed an error causing weapon damage to always be one.
*fixed an armor error. It now successfully reduces weapon damage of the opponent rather than giving it to oneself.
Some credit goes to the inventor of the Deadliest Warrior combat simulator inventor for coming up with some stats that I used.
Version 2.0 - Garrison (December 9th, 2011)
*Added a graphical user interface
*Changed the statistics that could be set.
*Better statistic scaling for a realistic combat experience.
*Added the environmental element (a random number) that can cause up to ten extra damage per attack.
*Added the source code, a license, and an easy to comprehend readme.
*Better system output for troubleshooting when being run from the command line.


Electron Filler 1(shaky) - This application is a valuable chemical tool used to determine the energy level and orbital where electrons will fill. The program can only handle up to 80 electrons. Source code and license is included

Standard Deviation calculator(1) - This is an application designed to assist with the calculation of standard deviation. It will calculate the Standard deviation of a set of data that you feed into it one-by-one, then tell you if any data is rejected.
Source Code

Time Converter(1) - An application, complete with a GUI, designed for converting different lengths of time. After a certain point, numbers will be written in E notation.
Source code package

  The Bouncing Ball(2.1-Soccer ball)- A revision of one of my first programming projects completed during my first programming course. Complete with a GUI it (somewhat inaccurately) simulates a ball in it's bouncing path. Source code and license included. This s kept separate from the bouncing ball source code 1.6 since the data is not scientifically correct.
~~~~~December 9th, 2011~~~~~~
*Added a GUI.
*Changed the method used in the bounces.
*Changed output
*Lets the user pick number of bounces
*Added a cutoff, no bounces below one feet. 
*Completely rewrote the programming keeping the general idea in mind. 

~~~~~December 10th, 2011~~~~~~
*Fixed a pretty serious error with initialization. (something=something=somethingElse, WHAT?)

 Done supporting
This section is for working programs that I am done supporting. What does "supporting" mean exactly? I will NEVER provide an update for it again of any kind. This happens when I lose access to the source files or just tire of a project.

Bouncing Ball Source Code (1.6)- The source code for a program that simulates a bouncing ball using proven scientific formulas. Must be compiled on your computer.

Deathmatch (1.2) - Small game using Random numbers to simulate a battle 100 times. Shows stats along the way and declares a winner (The one who lived the majority of the time). Contains easy and hard modes both with different settings. There is no GUI, so it must be run from the terminal or CMD. You may need to make it executable by right clicking it, going to properties, and checking the execetuable box.

Completely replaced by Epic Battle.
Version 1.2 (July 14th, 2011) 
*Added an armor function
*Fixed hard mode. It is now slightly harder than easy.
*Easy is a tad bit easier.

Text Converter (2.0.0) - Convert text into one of four new styles. Zalgo, Bubble, Binary, or upside-down are the three currently built in. Punctuation remains the same in all cases. Normal zalgo is currently the only Zalgo built in.
Coming in 2.1: Backwards conversions, multiconverting (prepare for bubbled upside-down zalgo text!)
Version 1.2.9 -July 14th, 2011
*Added an entirely new language: Binary.
*Added continuous conversion mode, allowing users to convert without a restart.
*Fixed minor bugs in grammar and Syntax.
*Added failsafe looping to the type input. Numbers out of range don't count but letters still cause an error.
*Added a new class to prepare for 1.3's cleaner code.
Credit goes to textozor.com and bubble-text.com for helping out with conversions.

Version 2 -July 1st, 2011

*Finally implemented continuous conversions.
*Implemented a... Wait for it... G.U.I! That's right, a first.
*Did I mention there's a GUI? 

Craps(2.3) - Plays a game of craps 1000 times 10 times over and displays stats for each of the runs of 1,000 plays. Small, compact, useful output to give insight into the game of craps at a pass-line bet. First it runs at 1X odds and then at 10X odds with a 60-sided Hexacontagon
Coming in 1.2: A graphical user interface.

Versions all the way up to 2.3 - July 29th, 2011
*(1)Made the program work. Up until now it just spammed numbers.
*(1.3)Made the program work... Properly. Up until now it gave some crazy numbers that were incorrect.
*(1.6)Added a Dice.java class to simulate rolling rather than having roll inside crasp.java.
*(2.0)began implementing 10X odds... Poorly.

*(2.3)Polish, Polish, Polish. The program works perfectly now and displays the average!
What about the versions in between? There were some fixes in there, serious ones too. But not worth mentioning. They were just for the general well-being of the program.

Epic Battle(V 1.13- This was the first program I ever made to have a GUI right out of the box. This is the reason that Deathmatch was taken off of the update list. It can be seen as a drastic improvement over Deathmatch because of ease of use, scaling, and no spam. The changelog of 1.02 will compare it to the last release of Deathmatch.
*(Deathmatch 1.2) Fixed MAJOR errors with spamming, improved the output, Added a name function, Added 4 choosable weapons, added a GUI, Fixed improper / unrealistic difficulties.

*(Epic Battle 1) Fixed the easy difficulty being way too easy, and also fixed the hard difficulty being impossible. Fixed Null name.

*(Epic Battle 1.13) Fixed "You were Victorious" or "You lost" spam.

More to come.