Friday, May 6, 2011

The 20th post

I apologize for my tardiness of blog posts lately. I've been becoming increasingly involved in C++ programming so it is going to take up a bit of time. This is the D.O.W's 20th post! *Disembodied clapping*

The future of the blog - projects
This blog is going to take a turn that you wouldn't expect a site of this category to take. I have also been in the process of writing a fictional story. The plot takes place on a planet where magicians can manipulate a rare element to create magical effects. I had an idea similar to World of Warcraft forum user Dusk's You Awaken in Razor Hill. How The forum user worked his story is by writing around input gained for other user's posts. I am going to start a similar project within the next few weeks on the same blog (separate page.) Because of the obvious differences between a blog and a forum I am going to work it a bit differently. I'll label each update (Which will come relatively quickly). Commenter willing to participate MUST label their comment with the appropriate label for the upcoming section or else they may be ignored. All regular comments will also be ignored on that page.


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