Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feminism on the internet. Unbelievable to many.

If you are a female internet user or you happen to be a male that pretends to be something you are not, you will know exactly what I mean in the title. It is just simply absurd to many to think that a FEMALE has intruded their male-dominated kingdom. While I do not think that you should trust everyone online, it is possible that you will encounter more than just men on your journies. Women internet users know how difficult it can be to make others believe you are who you say sometimes; especially if you are young. My advice for men would be to become more trustworthy of people's word online. For women: Just ignore anyone repeatedly questioning the authenticity of your gender. Also, do not feel required to deliver a picture of your breasts or any other body part online. You have the same rights to internet anonymity as anyone else.

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