Friday, February 4, 2011

Introduction to the D.O.W

Have you ever entered a forum or chatroom and found yourself having to decode the messages people write there? It seems like a lot of those people dropped out of school in the fourth grade. This is becoming more and more common and is  becoming accepted or ignored in many online communities. We are here to put an end to this.

What are the benefits of talking like a 7-year-old?
The main argument that you will hear is that it is faster. They are right by saying this. But making yourself sound that immature isn't worth a few saved seconds. They understand this. However, this type of language is spreading and becoming more accepted in online communities. The guilt is no longer there for the user.

Why do people continue?
People can continue out of shear habit or just the fact that a few seconds mean a lot to them. I seriously doubt if you are on Facebook or a forum that a few seconds will make or break anything. You are obviously already in your downtime, so why not drag it out a bit and sound like an intelligent human being? The only excuse to use quickly typed text is to sneak something in quick before someone finds out. That is never encouraged.

I don't want to sound too formal...This is an excuse I often get from the typists. They have a point here. You do not want to sound like you are talking through the mouth of Family Guy's Buzz Killington. So keep words like "indeed" or other strongly formal sounding words to a minimum. But over-vocabularianism never seems to be a problem online. It is just an excuse used by users. Perhaps they may even feel out of place using correct grammar due to the amount of unpure English being spewn around on the net.

We are here. You can't stop us.You're right. There's no way to stop everybody. Or even a majority. But even one person we convert into the D.O.W's beliefs is a battle won. Do not be a complete E-ass and correct people on tiny mistakes. We are not grammar nazis.  Here are some examples of when to take action and when not to
|EX| hey guys i just killed a parot tooday |EX| You do not need to say anything. There are minor spelling errors and grammar issues such as capitalization and punctuation, but it is easily readable.
|EX| lol i wish i cld kill some parrots XD |EX|(nobody will ever say that. Ever.) Definitely take action. Especially if there is an abbreviation that cuts off more than 2 letters. Commonly used ones that make no sense to write out (ftw or lol) are fine in my opinion, but feel free to take action if you need to.

Why are you using Blogger to write this?
It's free.

I support you. How can I take action?
We need to set up outposts in our 3 main category targets. Chatrooms, Social Networking sites, and forums need to have people willing to correct people's mistakes. This will be a tough job if you are there alone against a lot of people. Unfortunately, the internet is more like a river than a community. People float around. This means the internet is infected all over. We need to scour through page after page, find users, and take action.

Thank you for reading. Wondering what "D.O.W" stands for? I know. But I will not reveal this secret until I get some known supporters.

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